Friday, March 29, 2013

Today I Ate Vienna.

Astray from a typical recipe, today I thought I would share some gastronomic braggings of my day in Vienna.

First was a stop into Struck Bakery for a leberkase sandwich (a fantastic cousin to meatloaf only made out of liver) and unlike my last leberwurst this was leberwurst kase (liverwurst with cheese). Ooh I love this sandwich... Next we needed wifi so swung into McCafe so thought I would show some pictures from there as well as they truly have a beautiful display case.

Towards the end of our day were stops into Gerstner for a chocolate and a pistachio cupcake, I would love to mention how it was but my cupcake was highjacked by our 2 year old... Then a swing into Julius Meinl - a grocery store which makes the food obsessed brain go into overdrive and everything in the world seems right and the angels sing. Within the store is a cafe, a sushi restaurant within the seafood department, a wine bar next to the wine department.. If you can make it past the ginormous selection of chocolates at the entry to the store, there is a lot to discover - including a USA selection of imported Campbell's Tomato Soup for 3.49 euro a can - that's close to 5 bucks!!

Lastly was a stop into Stiftskeller, a cellar-style restaurant that lies pretty deep underground. A seemingly local joint, it was classic Viennese fare at it's best. Of course Troy had the Wiener Schnitzel and I had the Linsen (lentils cooked with smoked ham with a bread dumpling) and if I hadn't just recently sworn off eating for the rest of my life, I'd probably dream about it tonight.

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