Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Am I?

This was a little project that we were asked to complete for work. I found it to be rather fun and thought that I would share it with you. And in turn - Who Are You? I'm not sure if there's a limit as to how much can be shared in the comment box, but answer the questions yourself as well, or pick out a couple to share answers on. I'd love to hear!

So here goes... This is me -

First Job -  It didn't last for long, I was too shy.. But as a kid, pulling trap at the Gun Club.

Last Purchase - Set of four antique ice cream parlor chairs. (I have big plans for them for the back porch, I'm sure you'll being seeing pictures soon..)

Biggest Regret - Opting to share the Chocolate Cake at Butch's Steakhouse, it's crazy good!

Proudest Accomplishment - If success is when your mother reads your name in the newspaper, I'll settle for letting my mom see it in the masthead.

Who do you Envy - (in no particular order) Martha Stewart, Jennifer Garner's character in Catch & Release, the models in the Title 9 catalog, and my sister (she's the bees knees)

Best Attribute - That I'm a "do-er"

No one knows this - (until now) Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a running scenario in my head of an escape plan in case of a world takeover, fire, burglary... I have a pretty vivid imagination..

Biggest Fear Fears - Not being liked, Jell-o skin, bugs in my Cheerios

Can't get enough - Whipped cream.

Spare Time - Biking, breathing the outside air

Allergic to - Talking on the phone and watching TV - gives me a rash..

I like to eat - Any dessert containing butter or cream, grilled steak, butter bretzels, carrots pulled fresh from the garden, raw rhubarb stalks freshly picked and dipped in sugar (thanks Grams!)

I have a lot of - Dreams

That's it. Pretty much. I guess cooking isn't really cooking if it doesn't involve some nonsense chatter getting mixed in - that's what kitchens are for...


  1. You're right! This is what kitchens are for, so I grabbed a homemade peanut butter cookie and sat back down.

    First Job - cleaning house for some rich people...well I thought they were was the 70's.

    Last Purchase - Material for a couple table runners. Heading to a friend's cabin at the lake for a "Sip and Sew"!

    Biggest Regret - not sticking to my diet when I only had 20 more pounds to lose!

    Proudest Accomplishment - my two beautiful daughters.

  2. Awww you make me smile! Have fun at the Sip and Sew! I might be off to make some peanut butter cookies now that you've mentioned it!