Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Market Extravaganza.

Following are a few more gastronomic delights from Vienna, this time focusing on the Easter Markets. Easter has perhaps always ranked as my favorite holiday and when paired with markets in it's honor, I'm not sure it could be any more grand.

Altwiener Ostermarkt

   The Altwiener Ostermarkt had wonderful tasting opportunities ranging from my favorite liverwurst sandwich to Hungarian Langos (garlic fry bread) to classic Viennese Apple Strudel. The shops here were my favorite as they were perhaps a bit more boutique like versus being knick-knacky.

   Next on the list was the market on the grounds of Schloss Schonbrunn. This market was very crowded but was the best for eating and drinking.

   Mingling your way through the crowd in front of the palace is not so bad with frequent places to stop for gluhwein.
   Or an endless assortment of Easter treats.

Iced Gingergread Cookies
   Sliced fresh potato chips were about the best chips of all time. Well worth the long wait that Troy so heroically stood through.

   Perhaps the best thing however, was a warm and comforting bowl of spatzel with ham and cheese. Ohh my very good goodness..

Herzhafte Bauern-schinkenspatzle
   And when your appetite can take no more, there are crates of ribbon-tied painted Easter eggs to catch your whimsy.

     Thank goodness our hotel had a gym!

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