Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dearly Beloved...

Alright... So, I've been sitting with last nights dinner on my mind.. And I'm thinking ay, ay, ay, I already have confessions.
Although, Troy was excited to come home and see me in the kitchen, and even more excited when I did the dishes, he definitely was not won over by last nights attempt by me to get as many healthy food groups into one dish as I could think of, bless his heart. The Brussels sprouts added a bitterness to the salad, but I appreciated how the yogurt paired very well with it. I had envisioned using arugula but the grocery store had 1 bundle available and it looked as though it may have reached it's peak last month...

Where things really went awry... So, it seems like all the "cool" kids are enjoying chicken sausages. I've tried them before and wasn't entirely a fan... But, beings I was in this healthy, go lucky mood last night at the store, I thought I'd give them a shot again; anticipating that I would have leftover barley salad for us to enjoy for lunch today and that the sausage would make a nice switch-up. Lets go back to where I had mentioned that the sprouts added a bitterness to the salad. Now pair that with an odd tasting chicken in a casing. As soon as I took a bite, I knew I had to rescue Troy to avert his tastebuds from this disaster. Lunch 911! He safely averted disaster and headed to Subway. As for me, I'm returning to my line of thinking that there's just some things that only a pig can do.

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  1. Anonymous07 June, 2011

    I actually just ate the dish for dinner, and it was not as bad as the 911 call may have proclaimed.