Monday, August 29, 2011

One More Project

My kitchen is starting to feel abondoned. But I just had to finish one more project..

My new window board.

We are of course in the midst of adding on to our house, and in doing so are also replacing all of our existing windows. That means that I have several 1940 wooden double hung windows (and a couple doors) to repurpose. Well, I would love to think I had that much ambition, but our house has a lot of windows! If anyone needs one or two, I bet I know where you could find one... So my first window project (this is where my darling husband, tries to take a deep breath, but in the matter of a moment says, What - First!?) I would like to think that I did this on my own, but there was a lot of "hey, honey"'s involved with this project..

It's also amazing that being my second project again, it wouldn't have been nearly as successful without the unknowing help of my family even though they're miles away.. My sister's wonderful photography makes me smile when I see the pictures - the awesome pictures in the window, I won't try to give her credit of my less than shabby pictures of the window... I blame the bad night time lighting...

Here is a pile of some of my rubbage to polish up.

These are the supplies that I used to make my board. All of them were purchased at Pier 1 and Micheals (and robbed ummm borrowed from Troy's wood shop - but just a couple things). Also just a note that my dry erase board was made from just placing a piece of scrapbooking paper behind the existing glass.

The first step was to remove the window glazing from all windows and remove the windows where I wanted to place cork boards and a chalk board.

Sanding the window.

After I had my items of choice were installed, I secured with glazier push pins. I also reinforced the edges with hot glue. Again, thanks mom.. I forgot I also kind of stole your hot glue gun...

The old wall.

My window to start with.

And again the end result. I will try to get a better picture in the daylight. At each end are hooks for sweaters (Pier 1) and in between are drawer knobs for hanging miscellaneous items.


  1. Love it! If I lived anywhere near you, I would steal one of your old windows and do the same thing :)

  2. It was a pretty fun project, I'm already pondering a boot bench to go under it made out of a door...