Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All in a days work.

I suppose from the looks of this blog, it can be pretty tricky to discern what it is I do for fun and what it is I do for work.. If only all relationships of work and play were that content.

Photo: Fresh Home Ideas
 Ok, so my work day does have some work-i-ness to it, such as the need to be to work at a certain time, have an allocated lunch break and a designated time in which one must remain at work. I guess you can tell my least favorite part, but if that's the worst, it can't be that bad, eh? Besides, you really can't beat a day where there is also allocated times in which you must come to the table to sample a steak fresh from the grill, or bites of a cheesecake, meringue pie and... brownie... Ohh the woes we must at times face.

The greatest task of all though is to have a kitchen at your fingertips and the assignment to create! So, just to brag a small little bit I thought that I would share the below link. Also, at your leisure, browse around on the website altogether, you may just unexpectedly find the perfect project for your home!


I hope you find something to try! In case you're wondering, even though in fairness they all deserve equal love, my slight favorite goes to the Red Curry-Pandan. If you can't get your hands on pandan leaves, definitely still give the ice cream a try without the leaves. Cake and ice cream will never be the same!

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